GRUPO ACADÉMICO JUVENTUDE ALCOCHETE is based in Alcochete, a small town in Setúbal District, and is working as an association since October 1st 1965, date of foundation. Its first assignment – "Clube de Futebol 5º e 6º Classe" focused on students of those classes that aimed to form a football team, in order to participate in tournaments with other schools of the region


"Grupo Académico Juventude da Casa do Povo de Alcochete" was the designation adopted by the Club a few years later because of the close link with the “People’s House” of the town as well with the local community. When the link was over, in 1977, the Club adopted the name that is still known today – "Grupo Académico Juventude de Alcochete".


In 1979, more specifically in September, the "Grupo Académico Juventude de Alcochete" was recognized as a public utility institution. That status was achieved with the extensive and hard work developed by the Club with young people, between 3 and 25 years old, from the local community.


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